Computer Networking Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to Networking

Introduction to computer networking. Any questions about the video? I will answer all questions at

This tutorial is about networking, we will show you how you can connect two computer together Via Using LAN cable and having windows 7 on both PC’s. Simple m…


  1. Steve Hunt says:

    cool, pretty good breakdown.

  2. roberto alvarado says:

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  3. Amrach Gebre sellassie says:

    Great Job! keep it up!

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  7. matth3wloe says:

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  8. Zhiwu Huang says:

    Helpful tutorial!!!

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  26. NBA6Fan says:

    If I have on pc windows 8.1 and on laptop win 7 will it work?

  27. Viky Swami says:

    Dude, This is what type of cable ? This is main thing your are not talking
    about this cable….
    Straight Through, Cross Over or Rolled Over Cable ?

  28. Shashank Deewan says:

    I done as you told in vedio but still not able to see the same

  29. Victor Bulgac says:

    i did all what u saying in video but i still cant see the other pc

  30. Tharaka Dileepa says:


  31. Osama El-Miligy says:


  32. Rasheed Ahmad says:

    Thank you so much brother…. I appreciate that really…

  33. Jnanesh Reddy says:

    thanks for helping 

  34. Deepen Dhamecha says:

    cant hear whn u enter ip address! :S

  35. OrangeCountyCarl says:

    Thanks! I have a test tomorrow and this video is a good refresher!

  36. Information Technology says:

    How to Connect Two Computers Via LAN Cable in Windows 7

  37. Vinod Kumar B M says:

    i have a pc(xp) and laptop(w7). while i m connecting through lan wat r the
    settings i have to follow and give example with showing sharing some data
    between computers

  38. siju thomas says:

    u can use only one way

  39. mohan sharma says:

    Thanks a lot, now my problem has been solved

  40. Phinette Dherz says:

    where did you get your ipv4?

  41. JAM DOUGH says:


    One question, how would you go about setting up a computer 2 computer
    ethernet connection and still stay securely connected to the internet ?


  42. deepak kashyap says:

    How can I do the same via wifi??? Help me out.

  43. Mhan DGreat says:

    question pls. Can we play C&C Generals with this system 2 pc with
    out internet or wifi? 

  44. jay-ar nuval says:

    Can i ask..
    can this Lan to Lan computers connect a LAN game.. cause I’m playing dota
    offline mod..

  45. battlefield1860 says:

    Can we be able to play games that are LAN compatible?

  46. marty vreede says:

    i had the same problem… found that I was already part of a home group as
    soon as I left that I could see pc1

  47. Dilovan Khalil says:

    Thank you so much شكرا حبيبي

  48. Newraphel says:


  49. Booch0214 says:

    The problem you are having may be that you have password protected sharing
    turned on in the advanced sharing settings. If you turn this off you will
    no longer be asked for a login and password, if you leave it on then use
    the password and login you use if you are at the computer

  50. ZoubkuvBobek says:

    BUT what about connecting Ubuntu and Win7?