Frozen Let it go Idina Menzel Full Lyric video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Glor-glor .g says:

    love it

  2. Anne Rasing says:

    Watched the movies, and loved it… :) All about family :’)

  3. vitalijus kotliarovas says:

    i like your song

  4. Jetsteam2020 says:

    i really like this better then Demi’s version, WAY better, Idina’s voice
    just suites its better

  5. Emily Nicole says:

    I love this <3

  6. Duds Muller says:

    Demi is better

  7. Rainbow Dashy says:

    pls watch my cover please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DiamondJewelXx says:

    im tired of people saying demi made that song and she didnt its by idina
    not demi demi just did a cover!

  9. Danielle Marie says:

    This is such a great song!! and movie!! :) Anyone else agree? 

  10. Bubble Buddy says:


  11. Elsa Anna says:

    i love this song! i listen to it like everyday! and the movie is just too
    gorgeous~ go Idina~ love Elsa❤️

  12. Cara JACKSON says:

    I hear this song in the movies and start crying. I am in love with this
    movie more than it is humanly possible to love movies. I am a true Disnerd
    ;P but this is my ABSOLUTE favorite move EVER. I am not a little kid and
    for christmnas I asked for a freaking Elsa doll. Don’t judge me!

  13. savannah kootenay says:

    wow sound beautiful

  14. Boiken Jaho says:

    the song is just like the movie perfect the best song and movie ever. wow.i
    just adore it. it is fantastic. demi’s best song.

  15. Bobby Wright says:

    i love frozen

  16. Rawan shehade says:

    I wish there’s ” Frozen ” part 2
    And new songs ♥♥ 

  17. Victoria Shade says:


  18. Maya Bailey says:

    fave song in the world! i listen 2 it everyday. Go Idina!

  19. Armani Neal says:

    i love this song so much my cousin actually was apart of the making of

  20. Skunk Kusai says:

    Elsa,i love you!

  21. Millicent Shove says:

    movie is epic song is epic ….. what not to love?!?!

  22. Aimee Whitman says:

    I saw the movie so aawesome

  23. ariana aponte says:

    Omg that is like the best song ever I watched the movie and loved it so

  24. HammerPunchTV says:

    This is like 10x better than Demi’s version.

  25. Mary Skywalker says:

    love the song and the movie